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As seen in the Oscar winning movie:

"Lost In Translation"

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Mark Willms is a professional musician in southern Ontario, Canada.  He is a pianist, singer, entertainer, composer, keyboard session player, songwriter, Pro Tools studio engineer, guitarist, drummer, percussionist, producer and has had the privilege of playing in front of millions of people, all over the world.  Please click on the BIO page for more information.

See him in Sophia Coppola's Oscar winning movie 'Lost In Translation', starring Bill Murray.  Cast as 'Carl West', the new piano bar singer towards the end of the movie, he sings 'So Into You' as Bill and Scarlett fall for each other.  He also provided the piano tracks for all the piano bar scenes throughout the movie with the wonderful Australian diva Katherine Lambert.

It's Sophia, myself and Bill Murray on the set of "Lost In Translation"


Samples from the new CD "Release"
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and now a word from Mark...

April 2018: "Cold weather sucks.  I'd be happy to spend next winter somewhere warm.  Until then, though the passion to be a live performing musician continues, this winter continues to be a challenging one.   Smaller venues are disappearing, and in the Kitchener area, still a hotbed of live talent, could be doing better.  If there was a way for customers to interact, on their phones, with the performer on stage, requests etc, and to find out more about that person, I'd like that.  What if the customer had the power to annonymously send money to acts they like, and what if everyone did it.   Musicians could make a living wage.  There is an App coming, called: LIVE!, and it does all this and more.   Coming June 2018..."

l-r: Steve Hogg, Myself, Dave Cooper (rip), Ian Thomas, Leo Cullitan, Michael Oberle


Click <HERE> to see footage of the CD 'Release' party at the Registry Theatre, plus a short interview with Mark.  Philip Bast produced this video piece for the KW Record (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) December 2nd, 2009.

See below for more information on Mark's latest CD, "RELEASE"!


From the house band at the world's largest & longest bar, to daily life in Hong Kong, to tour buses across North America, Mark's experiences are many and varied.  Pop, jazz, country, or perhaps his original songs, every week brings something different.  The Lulu's Band is still rocking as Mark celebrates his 28th year in the band.
The Lulu's Band - 29 years in this band, and counting...

With his CD, "RELEASE", Mark enters a new era of his career, able to shine as a songwriter, musician and storyteller.

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Mark's latest album, called "RELEASE", is a labour of love and was 'released' in July 2009.  It contains all original material, except the 1977 Atlanta Rhythm Section song 'So Into You', re-arranged for this CD.  It was mixed & mastered by the amazing David Kalmusky of Stratford, Ontario, and Nashville, TN (Dave just helped produce the new Journey record with the iconic Johnathon Caine).  One of the key ingredients in creating the unique sound of this album was the collection of fantastic professional musicians:

Mark Willms:  Lead Vocals, Piano, Synths, Guitar, & Accordion
Steve Hogg:  Bass
Ian Tanner:  Bass
Roger Travassos:  Drums
Gord Stevenson:  Drums
Brian Doerner:  Drums
Justin Abedin:  Guitar
Wendell Ferguson:  Guitar
Doug Johnson:  Dobro & Pedal Steel
Dave Rodenburg:  Saxophone
Ray Podhornik:  Trumpet
Stacey Lee:  Harmony Vocals
Susan Sinclair:  Harmony Vocals

* please note, CD 'Release' cover is under construction.

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Mark continues to be a full time performing musician, traveling all over the world.  Currently focusing on Southern Ontario, Canada, he will be leaving early 2012 for Seoul, South Korea, for an extended stay (4 months) at the beautiful Grand Hyatt.  New opportunities come up all the time, so you never know where he might be going next.  Thanks go to Lori Thompson, who has set up the Starwalk company, which highlights and promotes artists and professionals in the Waterloo region.  Please visit this website again for updates on Mark's recordings and adventures all over the world.
Here's what the CD looks like:

Warming up before a Jackie Cheung show, in Hong Kong, February, 1999

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